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Court and Spark Demos (Black Friday 2023)

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Court and Spark is Joni Mitchell's most commercially successful album of her career. This LP features the never-before-heard demos from the iconic album, including "Help Me" and "Raised On Robbery."

Side A
1. Joni Mitchell - Piano Suite: Down to You / Court and Spark / Car on a Hill / Down to You (Court and Spark Demo) (Sound Recording)
2. Joni Mitchell - People's Parties (Court and Spark Demo) (Sound Recording)

Side B
1. Joni Mitchell - Help Me (Court and Spark Demo) (Sound Recording)
2. Joni Mitchell - Just Like This Train (Court and Spark Demo) (Sound Recording)
3. Joni Mitchell – Raised on Robbery (Court and Spark Demo) (Sound Recording)
4. Joni Mitchell – Trouble Child (Sound Recording)

This is a Black Friday 2023 title. All Black Friday releases will be available to purchase in store from 10am on Friday 24th November and available to purchase online from 8am on Saturday 25th November.

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