Record Store Day Saturday April 13th

Well, it's that time of year again - this year's Record Store Day is on Saturday April 13th. The full list is available on our Record Store Day dedicated page here, so head on over for a look.

As ever, we will not be stocking everything on the list, as a) we'd end up bankrupt if we ordered everything, and b) there will be titles on there that we think we can't sell. We will be ordering up what we want from the list over the next weeks or so, and will publish a link to our list on our Twitter & Facebook very soon of which titles we've gone for.

In the meantime, if there's a record on the list you'd willingly throw your granny under a bus for, let us know on Facebook, or on Twitter, and we'll take that on board. This doesn't mean we are taking orders for specific individual titles for specific people - we can't do that, it's against the RSD rules, and it's not fair. It's more of a case of that there might be things on the list that we'll shake our heads at and say 'No', whereas you might be thinking 'At last! Finally! My Holy Grail!'. In the case of some titles, yes, we will be stocking the David Bowie & the other big hitters, so there's no need to ask about that.

Away from the Bowie/U2/Madonna/Pink Floyd, here's a few things that have caught our eye from this year's list:

Bingo Hand Job - Live At The Borderline 1991

So, if you were in Soho in March 1991, you would've walked past the cactus bedecked venue The Borderline, and thought, "Wow, what an awful name." However, within its walls, were REM, playing a legendary show in front of 200 people. Now it's on vinyl..

Elastica  - BBC Sessions

Surely due a proper critical re-appraisal, rather than the lazy "Wire/Damon's Girlfriend" critique, a bunch of various visits to the BBC that capture what a great live band this bunch really were.

Generation X - Your Generation (Winstanley Mix)

New exclusive mixes on vinyl of William Broad pre Billy Idol, when he was curling his lip in these London punchers, rather than curling his lip on the LA freeways. Opinion differs here at Sister Ray over Mr Broad, although the person that pays my wages thinks he's "a Lord".

Mo-dettes - The Story So Far

This is just a brilliant record that everyone should own, just get it.

The Night Beats - The Sonic's "Boom"

One of the greatest garage punk albums covered in its entirety by Seattle garage brothers The Night Beats - get in

OST - Lost In Translation

When this was originally released, the amount of hyperventilating that your correspondent indulged in over new (!) Kevin Shields tracks was probably a cause of worry to anyone that cared. This is such, such, a brilliant soundtrack, great to see it back on the format it should be. For relaxing times, make it Sister Ray time.

oh yeah, and there's loads of The Fall, which is always good..

All these titles, and a lot more, will be available instore only from 8am on April 13th. If, and that's a massive if, we have stuff left, it will, as per RSD rules, be on here from April 20th