Sarathy Korwar Sister Ray

Artist Interview – Sarathy Korwar – “More Arriving”

Sister Ray recently caught up with talented multi-instrumentalist Sarathy Korwar ahead of the release of his new album “More Arriving” due 26 July 2019 on the Leaf Label to talk influences and inspiration.

Sarathy Korwar Sister Ray

SR: Hi Sarathy, thanks so much for this!

SR: You were born in the US, grew up in India and live in the UK, that’s quite a melting pot can you tell us a bit about your musical journey and your influences and inspirations?

SK: I began playing the tabla when I was 8 years old, living in Ahmedabad (India). Moving to Chennai for high school I was introduced to a lot of rock n roll, jazz and blues, from Coltrane, Ahmad Jamal, Muddy Waters to The Doors etc. I began playing the drum kit when I was 15 in local bands. I then moved to London after university to study jazz when I was 23 and have been here ever since, combining my love for indian classical music jazz and electronic to find a sound that helps me express myself. My influences are people like Don Cherry, Zakir Hussain, Charles Lloyd, Vijay Iyer, Edward Said, Arundhati Roy.

SR: Your first single from the new album features MC Mawali of the Swadesi Nation crew. He’s been instrumental in the foundation and rise of the Mumbai Hip Hop scene. How did that link up come about? 

SK: I first heard him on a track by Bandish Projekt, his verses sounded urgent, incisive and I loved his flow. I contacted him with a track I had in mind and he was really up for featuring on it. I visited him in Mumbai a couple times and did a few studio sessions with my band in London as well, that’s how the track came about. 

SR: Your album “More Arriving” features a cover that hints at the multicultural fusion within.. was there an overarching concept that informed the writing of it? 

SK: “More Arriving” is a tongue and cheek play on the idea that ‘there are more arriving, and you’re gonna have to deal with it!’. It speaks of the multiculturalism that makes Britain great and the divisive rhetoric that is currently a mainstay that we a lot of us are battling against. 

Sarathy Korwar More Arriving Sister Ray

SR: What have you got coming up? Any exciting collabs/gigs? Anything else you want to plug? 

SK: I’ve got a few UK dates lined up around the album release. An album launch which will feature MC Mawali amongst other collaborators at the Moth Club in London on 25th September. Going to be focusing on touring this record through the latter half of the year and in to 2020 and am really looking forward to playing it out live.


SR: Cheers and really looking forward to hearing more from you!

Sarathy’s top 10 albums:

The Doors – “Strange Days”
The Beatles – “White Album”
Charles Lloyd – “Wild Man Dance”
Shakti – “Natural Elements”
Don Cherry – “Organic Music Society”
Karsh Kale – “Broken English”
Ashwini Bhide Deshpande – “Women Through The Ages”
Cannonball Adderley – “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at ‘The Club'”
Miles Davis – “Live Evil”
Jaimeo Brown – “Transcendence”

“More Arriving” releases 26 July 2019 – order the limited edition transparent red vinyl here > CLICK ME

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